How Do We Preserve Trees For The Future?

Trees give us shade and food. They are great for kids to play around. They also enhance the value of our homes and property. It’s incumbent upon all of us to make certain that trees are always around for our pleasure. The best way to do that is to plant trees on your property.

Trees can be bought cheap. Here are a few tips to find inexpensive trees to plant.

County Extension Office

Your local county extension office takes orders for trees in the fall for spring planting. Most Read the rest of this entry »

Will The Environment Continue For Years?

It’s clear that we as a species are damaging the planet. We have polluted our lakes, rivers and oceans. Forests are being obliterated. There are now zones all across the planet that have become completely inhospitable. There can be no question that mankind is taking it’s toll on the environment.
It’s natural to ask whether or not the environment could possibly sustain this sort of damage. Although the damage we’ve delivered is shocking in scope and potency, it isn’t a nail in the coffin of our global ecology. The environment will survive as Read the rest of this entry »

You, Me, and the Trees

The ecological value of trees is impossible to ignore. Probably their biggest asset to humanity is their ability to perform photosynthesis. If it’s been some time since you last brushed up on your sixth grade biology, photosynthesis is the process in which trees take in carbon dioxide and replace it with fresh oxygen for us to breathe.

That’s not all they do for us, though. Trees are also responsible for controlling the temperature and making our earth habitable. They filter and shade the sun’s brutal rays and make it possible for us to carry on our normal day to day even in the hottest temperatures. They also shield us in other types of weather, like heavy downpours or snowfall.

With all this value added by these age-old woody plants, what’s the rush to cut them all down for timber or some extra farmland? That’s a hotly debated topic that might be too controversial for the scope of this piece, but it’s worth researching on your own.

With that said, if you’re concerned about the status of our environment’s health, think about switching to a green energy plan in your home. These days, green energy packages are super easy to order. Just visit a site like Green Mountain Electric Company and get some advice on what’s out there. Then, make a call to one of many electric suppliers and tell them you want their green energy package. It’s really not any more difficult than that.

It might not be the same as saving an entire forest, but green energy plans are a great way to ease your environmental impact. If not for your own sake, sign up for a green energy plan for the sake of our fallen trees!

How To Avoid The Seasonal Allergies

A seasonal allergy is described as an allergic reaction caused due to an allergy trigger like pollen or mold. Seasonal allergies are commonly seen during fall or spring. The most common allergy triggers are pollen and mold. The symptoms of seasonal allergies include itchy eyes, runny nose. Every year thousands of people become victims of seasonal allergies. However, these allergies can be prevented by following some simple preventive measures.

Diet – Vitamin C is an important nutrient that helps in improving the immune system.You can find a quick rundown here Fruits and vegetables like kiwi, broccoli, and grapefruit are good sources of vitamin C. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin C to prevent seasonal allergies. If required, consult your physician and take a vitamin C supplement everyday. Include fish and flax seeds in your diet. Eat a healthy and well balanced diet. In any season, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Cleanliness- Keep your home and clothes clean. Pollen and mold stick to the clothes and body. It is always advised to wash your clothes and body immediately after an outdoor activity.

Using air filters and purifiers – Replacing air filters periodically helps in filtering pollen and mold effectively. Vacuum your home regularly. Use air purifiers to circulate clean air throughout the house.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

I live in Arizona so the chances that the sun will not come out tomorrow are pretty slim. In my backyard the former owners had placed six large garden boxes in the side yard and for years I just kept them weeded. But not this year! I planted a complete garden; keep in mind I have no idea how to plant a garden nor how to maintain a garden. When do you water? How much water? What should you plant? What do you want Read the rest of this entry »

Can The Air Be Cleaned Today?

Can the air be cleaned today? We all depend on the environment for food, air, and water – it’s the environment that sustains life as we know it. But when we use fossil fuels to provide our energy and wood from our forests to build our homes we impact the environment in a negative way. The use of fossil fuels in our power plants produces chemicals that fill the air with pollution, and by clearing out trees from the forest we remove the planet’s biggest producers Read the rest of this entry »

Where Did The Pollution Of Earth Begin?

Pollution of the Earth has been around since the beginning of time. The first source of air pollution was the volcanoes that erupted. Pollution began to be a bigger problem when man discovered fire. This type of natural pollution is not really damaging enough to cause a difference in the air quality. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution that the pollution became a serious problem. The chemical fires that were used in the factories contained dangers that people were not Read the rest of this entry »

Playing Outside In The Polluted Air

Many people take the air that we breathe for granted, and this can cause a lot of issues later on, from environmental issues to personal health issues. People pollute the air that we breathe on a daily basis, and more and more companies are cutting down trees that are essential to purifying the air.

Unfortunately, our air is getting any better, and we are exposed to it every day. From opening our windows and letting polluted air into our homes to playing outside in the polluted Read the rest of this entry »